Born on September 28, 1991 in Puerto Princesa City. I am a simple guy with a simple ambition. I am not very good in english grammar I think but can understand that language very well. I am currently studying in Palawan State University taking Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I dont know why I take that course but ofcourse Its computer ralated course and I love everything about computers and gadgets. I think it has something to do with that radiation haha.

My schooling time has been extended because of my personality. In real life I really having hard time interacting with real people on school that I hardly know. I prefer interacting with computers and gadgets. I have a lot of close friends in real life but not in school. Another factor is choosing what should I study fultime, because computer course is a very wide and broad course. I like designing because I am into graphic designs. In my part-time activities I do freelance jobs to make money to save. To lessen my parents money expenditures on my education.

Me on one of my freelance jobs

I apologize for so much white spaces on this page because I do not know what to share about myself. Feel free to select on the navigational buttons on top to learn more about me. :)

"When I let go of what I am, I became what I might be"